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Aug 20th
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We support revived Zapu - ANC Youth League

By Nare Msupatsila

Johannesburg - The ANC Youth League president, Julius Malema captivated his 5 000 plus audience at a commemoration service in Alexandra Township, South Africa at which the ZAPU president, President Dumiso Dabengwa was invited as a VIP guest.

Also invited were ZAPU South Africa chairman of the Council of Elders, Prof. Meshack Matshazi, ZAPU provincial chairman Dingilizwe Mpondo, chairman of the business forum Mr Mike Moyo, Ms Pretty Ncube a ZAPU NPC member who works very closely with ANC cadres in Alexandra, as well as officials from the ZAPU Diaspora Regional office.

Malema set the crowd, which mainly consisted of ANC members and supporters, into a wild excitement for a straight 30 minutes with his unapologetic demands for the people’s rights to basic services and redress of apartheid imbalances, reiterating that the ANC was the only party in South Africa with the will and capability to deliver after the 18 May 2011 local government elections.

After a disguised version of his trade mark song “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer”, Malema concluded his speech with a thunderous “ZIPRA – Umkhonti Alliance” toy-toy cry to which the audience answered back toy-toying in deafening unison.

The 25th Anniversary of the Alex 6 Days War commemorates the deaths of youths of Alexandra Township in February 1986 in a six days clash with the then South African Defence Force (SADF) and the police which left 19 young people dead followed by a further 14 in March and April of the same year.

Also present at the 25th Anniversary of the Alex 6 Days War of 1986 were the Gauteng ANC chairman Paul Mashatile, Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mankonyane, Deputy Minister of Communications Obed Bapela and other well known officials of the ANC and the ANC Youth League. They all acknowledged the presence of President Dabengwa and other ZAPU officials.

Gauteng ANC chairman Paul Mashatile told the audience that the ANC had learnt a lot of things from ZAPU during their struggle. Deputy Minister Obed Bapela remembered that during the funeral of the slain 19, the mourners sang the song “Mugabe dedela umkhonto uzosikhulula (Mugabe allow Umkhonto weSizwe to pass through Zimbabwe and liberate us)”.

During the days of the Alex massacres when ZAPU President Dabengwa and the then ZIPRA commander Lookout Masuku were in Chikurubi maximum security prison, the ZANU-PF government did not allow Umkhonto weSizwe to operate in or pass through Zimbabwe.

Earlier in the day, Julius Malema and the Minister of Human Settlement Tokyo Sexwale, went around Alexandra Township addressing residents in preparation for the coming local government elections. ZAPU members from around Gauteng, in their ZAPU t-shirts, accompanied the procession in solidarity with the ANC. ZAPU members are assisting the ANC as volunteers in their respective district by participating in the ANC door-to-door campaigns and putting up posters.

It will be remembered that last year, Malema unaware that ZAPU had pulled out of the Unity Accord, credited ZANU-PF for the comradeship that ANC had shared with ZAPU since the ZAPU – ANC alliance was forged in 1967. It is no secret that the closest ANC ally has always been ZAPU. The ANC and ZAPU are among the Southern Africa movements that were declared the authentic six liberation organizations by the OAU. The authentic six included the ANC of South Africa, ZAPU of Zimbabwe, SWAPO of Namibia, FRELIMO of Mozambique, MPLA of Angola and PAIGC of Guinea Bissau. ByoNews24