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Aug 18th
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Boy (16) drunk woman’s urine to fend off snake eating his manhood

By Nduduzo Tshuma
THE 16-year-old boy, who claims a snake entered his body after he had sex with a married woman, yesterday  claimed the woman had seduced him.

Reporters  yesterday visited the boy in Nkulumane where he is living with his aunt.

The boy, who comes from Shurugwi, revealed that he met the woman soon after getting a job at Bell Mine, about 40km outside Kwekwe.

He said the woman was not working nor did she live with a man, contrary to what he said in a previous interview with this paper.

“I started working at the mine in February and after a few weeks, I met the woman at the mine compound at night. She started acting suggestively to me and I proposed to her,” said the boy. “She accepted my proposal and invited me to her house. I went on the first day and we became intimate without protection. In total, we were intimate on three separate occasions.”

The boy said he would meet the woman at night only.

“We did not walk together during the day but I only visited her house during the night because she preferred it that way,” said the boy.

“As far as I was concerned, she did not have a husband because she was living alone and when we were dating she never mentioned anything about having a husband.”

The boy said after the strange snake entered him through his foot and began biting his private parts early March, he returned to Shurugwi as he was no longer able to work. At the end of March, the boy returned to the mine in the company of his grandmother to look for the woman.

“When we got there, my grandmother confronted her but she denied having ulunyoka. My grandmother then suggested that she urinates in a container so that I could drink the urine and be healed,” said the boy.
“The woman complied and I drank the urine and we returned to Shurugwi with the hope that my condition would improve. However, nothing changed.”

The boy’s mother is said to be mentally challenged. The woman is said to have also disappeared from Kwekwe after the boy’s visit with the grandmother. The boy was restless and fidgeting throughout the interview, saying the snake had started moving. At one point he stopped talking and held his private parts with tears streaming down his cheeks. “It becomes worse especially at dusk and throughout the night. The snake now moves from my right knee to my private parts where it starts eating me and it is so painful,” he said. “I have not slept for the past three months because it gets worse at night. I get up when others are asleep because the pain would be too much for me to sleep.” The boy said his testicles are always painful and swollen because of the “snake bites”. “I cannot even go to the toilet. I have to force myself and most of the time nothing comes out. Only tiny pieces of meat come out of my bottom and after that I begin bleeding,” said the boy.

The boy appealed to members of the public who could help him out of his misery to come forward.
“I would like to appeal to anyone who can put an end to this to please assist me because I am suffering. The pain that I am experiencing is so unbearable,” said the boy. The boy’s aunt said they had sought assistance from a number of faith and traditional healers when the boy was brought to Bulawayo at the end of May but without success. She said some prophets would charge them as much as US$200 but fail to cure the boy.

“He does not sleep because of the pain. Every night we are woken by his screams. He would be moving around the house in pain and it pains me because there is nothing I can do to assist him,” said the aunt.
“Because of the torment, he has lost so much weight and we fear that if he goes without assistance, we are going to lose him.” On Monday, the boy’s uncle appealed to the woman’s husband to come out in the open so that the family could appease the curse by paying for what the teenager did to his wife. He said the man could contact him on 0712 745 818 or 0712 739 879 or come to his house at Number 19 Dillon Road, Paddonhurst, in Bulawayo.