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Apr 24th
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5 000 to attend ZAPU Congress in May: Moyo

ZAPU Congress is set to be held in May this year in which external structures such as the United Kindgom and South Africa have been invited to play a role, the party's Director of Communication and Marketing, Mr Methuseli Moyo has announced.

In a statement, he said a committee to prepare for the congress, with members drawn from all the country’s 10 provinces and headed by Zapu’s interim secretary for finance, Ms Stylish Magida has been tasked to mobilize resources and logistics such as conference venue, transport, accommodation, food and materials for the congress.

Mr Moyo predicted that over 5 000 delegates from all over Zimbabwe, and Zapu’s Diaspora provinces of South Africa, United Kingdom and Europe provinces are expected to attend.

He said the party's congress was expected to debate and endorse the ammended Zapu constitution, party policy and manifesto. At the same time, the congress will will elect a substantive National Executive Committee and Council of Elders Committee, Mr Moyo said.

"The party will emerge from the congress with substantive leadership and commonly adopted policies and manifesto to lead us to victory in the forthcoming national elections,".

"Zapu has started holding elections to choose substantive branch committees, after which district leadership would be elected. We expect structures to elect provincial committees by March," he said.

Mr Moyo added that provincial chairpersons have already been instructed through a circular on the procedures to be followed on conducting elections.

He stressed that only registered or card-carrying Zapu members are eligible to contest elections which should be conducted jointly by the interim provincial committee and council of elders.



0 #15 maxwell 2010-01-29 07:01
Tarisa uone zvinoitwa nemeELDERS enyu iwayo kuEurope. Ndonyasira dziri kutokonzera nyonga nyonga. Ana Mkandhla nan Jabavu. Iye zvino mune macommittee maviri ari kuti tisu ZAPU chaiyo. Saka vanhu voziva zvipi. Kana wakura bvuma kusakara, wozorora wotamba nevazukuru vechidiki vofambira mberi nebasa. Hapana kwamunosvika nemaELDERS aya. Uye nyaya yekungoisa mandevere pamberi hapana chainokuwanisai pasarudzo. Uye vanhu vangwara, ZAPU musangano uri kutungamirwa nevanhu vaidya neZANU kwemakore anopfuura makumi maviri. Mbada haishanduki mavara ayo. Akuruma nzeve ndewako. Kana bofu rinowona.
0 #14 Mzansi 2010-01-29 03:28
For the sceptics, whether you are Jongwe or MDC-?, you should be asking yourselves why your leaders are so traumatised by the imergence of ZAPU. They know its power and some of them are wise elders only selfish and suffering from the SMS (small-man-syndrome).

Jonahan Moyo advised ZANU-PF that "you should ignore ZAPU at your own peril". Albeit his self-serving political-prostitution mentality, Jonathan is about the best political strategist you can have between the Zambezi and the Limpopo. Those lucky enough to have been at UZ when he was lecturer should know that. Why do you think ZANU-PF has taken him back despite the last fall-out.

Use your brains Maxwell, Nswabanda and your kind.
0 #13 dumezweni 2010-01-29 02:34
bantwana benhlabathi there is no political party of zim that will deliever the best zim to the zim people like zapu, the infighting will alwaiys be there because of people who pay lots of money to guys like smile dube who will continue to dream of destroying zapu.
0 #12 Nswabanda 2010-01-29 02:04
The same council of elders were the ones responsible for the demise of Zapu in 1987. They were not wise enough to read into Zanu's strategy and they fell for it hook, line and sinker. If they were shrewd wise people as you purpote them to be, they should have countered Zanu well before even the "fake discovery of weapons of mass destruction" and subsequent incarceration of the leaders. Strategic and wise leaders are always ahead of their opposition. In this case, the wisdom was to flee and let a mighty party collapse. Now, almost 30 years leader, they now promise people that they have the wisdom to revive it?

Hate me or like me, but my analysis of Zapu at the moment is that it's a party that will be a still-born. It will not live to see the day of elections. Their strategy is 30 years behind reality. It's a party formed on emotions without properly analysing and understanding the current political dynamics of Zimbabwe. It's a far cry from the days of toyi-toyi and sloganeering! We need visionaries who will see into the enemy's plans long before the enemy puts them into action. We dnt need leaders or so called "wise elders" who will flee when the going gets tough!
I am sory to say this, but the ZAPU elders let the nation down. They could not stand the heat and left the innocent civilians to be butchered whils in comfort of exile. Asibafuni ke labo! They are useless, in any case they should retire! Akusibo buKhosi lobu. This is dynamic politics.
Its funny how ZAPU cannot originate its own ideas. Just because there was a COUNCIL OF ELDRES trying to persuade Mugabe to be more humane, they suddenly jump to the idea and grab it hook line and sinker. What advice are they going to give when they failed to deliver when they had the opportunity? Same same like ZANU. Let the geriatrics go and play with thei grand children!!!!
0 #11 Afriza 2010-01-28 14:47
Zapu is back,wheather ngoni you like it or not we choose to control our own destine.
0 #10 somhlaba mthunzi 2010-01-28 14:20
AT A TIME WHEN THE OTHER PARTY ZANU CLAIMS TO HAVE LIBERATED the country OWN ITS OWN and messed up everything and the other being confuSED by its lack of imagination in world politics it advisible for the people of Zimbabwe to start thinking about what ZAPU HAS ALWAYS SAID BEFORE...DOWN WITH RACISM AND TRIBALISM...AND THE idea of the elders should be supported because ZAPU is not ZANU OR MDCT
0 #9 Ryton Dzimiri 2010-01-28 13:47
Maxwell Nswabanda.

Zapu is not like anything you have ever seen all your lives. Zapu does not discard its WISE MEN to replace them with testostrome driven teenagers who are prone to mistakes. Our elders know the way and we are only their arms feet and fresh brains.

What made your MDC fail to remove Mugabe with all the 70% majority support you had from Zimbabweans is because you refused to take wise councell.

What makes you laugh Nswabanda when a twelve year old boy challanges you and claim to know better? The fact that you laugh at twelve year olds should remind you that one day in your life twenty years from today you will be laughing at a forty year old man who claims to know better than a sixty year old.

Our elders are advisers and we value their wisdom, they have seen a repetition of these things before and to a forty year old, they are new things.

In 2008, Tsvangirai commented that Zimbabwe had never seen the murder of 200 people as had happened that year. An older man would have remembered that 30 000 Gukurahundi victims had seen worse.

If we discard our elders we will be led by a party like MDC which is shy to call a spade a spade and end up writing Zimbabwean history fro 1999.

You need to learn from the lessonsof generations gone before you can be wise to plan for centuries to come and thats what makes Zapu great.

Our elders in 1979 forsaw a continuation of peace distabilisation as a result of failing to adress land issue that year.
The testostrome driven Zanu which had killed all elders rushed to take the state house without solving the very reason that led to war. Here we are today.

Please keep your Zanu and MDC government and let us steer Zimbabweans to genuine sovereignty.

0 #8 Myekeleni N Manzini 2010-01-28 13:41
Kwala isiko jaha lakwethu asindaba zakho. Nxa ungafuni yekela sikhulume thina amagabazi okwenza.
0 #7 maxwell 2010-01-28 13:28
Haikona kungovhura muromo uchigwauta zvisina ungwaru. Kana usina njere unoramba uchingoita zimutevere.
0 #6 Myekeleni N Manzini 2010-01-28 13:14
Both of you are displaying ignorance in politics because both of you think political structures you see in ZANU and MDC are the only structures accepted in all political parties. ZAPU is doing what it thinks is right for people of Zimbabwe and is not in comparison with ZANU and MDC. Think wide before you talk. I am starting think that may be we are wasting time commenting on your entries because it is not worth it.

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