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Aug 20th
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Prophet Makandiwa’s miracle baby resurrected from the dead

UFI member receives prayers from Prophet Makandiwa, gives birth to a dead baby who later resurrectedWhen Mrs Eunica Mutambaziko Chakanetsa came to the United Family International Church (UFIC)'s healing session on 16 January 2012, little did she know that the move would completely change her life.

After enduring eight hours of agonising stillbirths, where she literally walked through bthe valley of the shadow of death, Mrs Chakanetsa did not only receive deliverance and a bouncing baby boy named Emmanuel, but also received a house to shelter her miracle baby.

While 16 January was a life-changing day for Mrs Chakanetsa, 27 JUne 2012 took her to the brink of a nervous breakdown when the house was presented to her by Pastor Rufaro Nyadembera, who stood in for Prophet Emmanuel and Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa.

Said Mrs Chakanetsa: "I want to thank Papa and Mama, for the house, the furniture in the sitting room, the bedrooms and the kitchen. I have never dreamt of owning a house and such type of furniture. Actually my TV was confisticated for failure to settle a debt but now Papa and Mama have bought me  one," she said with tears of joy trickling down her cheeks.

Her husband often ran away from their rented one room each time she fell pregnant and his relatives no longer had anything to do with her and this time was not different. Instead of bringing joy and great expectations, pregnancy had become a cause of sorrow for the mother of one who suffered four pregnancies that all ended up in vain. She had stillbirths on the four occasions and this explains why she had become a subject of ridicule among her peers and relatives.

Her husband, Mr Collen Chakanetsa, had declared that this was the last time they will attempt to have a baby. However, as soon as it was confirmed that his wife was pregnant, the man disappeared for fear of the worst. But Mrs Chakanetsa's life changed the moment she arrived at the City Sports Centre for the healing session conducted by Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa. As soon as she was prayed for, she went into labour.

"Members of UFI's health department asked me to push the baby out and all of a sudden there was something that came out. I looked at the doctor and all the other people in the room and saw that their had changed from joy to sorrow. But the doctor told me that the boy was still inside and I must continue pushing," she said.

However, it was quite unfortunate that Mrs Chakanetsa gave birth to a dead baby whose head was already rotten. But she had twins and the other baby was yet to come out.

"I pushed and the second baby came out, but I saw that it had a blue colour and was not crying," she said.

The baby had no signs of life - It was dead too. There was a moment of hysteria in the room but the medical team led by Doctor Wilfred Muteweye believed in the RESURRECTION power. They started attempts to revive the baby and did everything possible including mouth-to-mouth breathing in a bid to ensure there was life.

After attempting for many minutes, the baby suddenly made some movements. The atmosphere in the room changed from sorrow to joy and ululation. The baby had been born dead but came back to life.

"I want to thank the God of Prophet Makandiwa because right now I am holding this baby after a lot of misfortunes. I am very happy that I have given birth under the covering of the Man of God," said Mrs Chakanetsa. Myzimbabwe

Dr Muteweye, who helped Mrs Chakanetsa to deliver the baby, CONFIRMED that the baby was born DEAD! The too thanked the God of Prophet Makandiwa for working through the health department.

"The baby was blue in colour when it came out. That baby did not have oxygen, but what God has done today is wonderful. The baby is now breathing normally and is crying just like any other newly born baby. It's a miracle. What we have witnessed today is RESURRECTION," said Dr Muteweye shortly after the boy's resurrection.