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Aug 20th
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Corruption, nepotism riddles Zimbabwe's foreign embassies

By Sidney Mukono

Zimbabwe`s Foreign Affairs Embassies continue to be riddled with corruption and nepotism, despite the introduction of Government of National Unity (GNU) more than a year ago.

Almost every Zimbabwean Embassy has positions for locally recruited staff. These locally recruited staff consist of positions such as Receptionists, Maintenance staff, Drivers, Cleaners, and sometimes other Administrative staff meant to give support services (accounting services etc) to the staff posted from Zimbabwe.

I can authoritatively reveal that the Zimbabwean embassies unlike all the other embassies of other countries do not advertise their vacant posts. The ambassadors and the CIO`s based at the various embassies recruit their relatives clandestinely.

This crooked behaviour is shameful and should be exposed as a way of fighting it. A clear message should be made to these corrupt officials that the Zimbabwean embassies do not belong to them and their kith and kin. Vacant positions should be advertised for all Zimbabweans in the diaspora to be free to contest these positions.

The reason these corrupt officials donate these positions to their relatives is a way to ensure that funds continue rolling only within their family structures and most importantly to perpetuate their oppressive regime. Any other Zimbabwean who is not related to these crooked big shots is shunned.

Surprising enough, all the other nations` embassies take care of their nationals in the various countries. A quick scan of any of the embassy websites for other countries gives one a section with information about vacancies.

However, surprising enough, most of the Zimbabwean embassies do not even have any websites. The recruitment of needed staff from locals is done in the homes of the top embassy staff.

It is in view of these concerns raised above that we are calling upon the open minded MDC-T Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Moses Mzila Ndlovu to come to the rescue of the other innocent Zimbabweans who are being exempted and denied from receiving services by the Zimbabwean embassies and who are also kicked out of the recruitment drives.

Through this open letter to Honourable Deputy Minister,  Moses Mzila Ndlovu, an appeal is being to ensure that all vacant positions which are recruited from local stations are made openly and not only clandestinely. The media which all Zimbabweans can access is available. It is high time that these corrupt Zimbabwean Ambassadors and CIO`s are made aware that Zimbabwe belongs to all Zimbabweans.

Article written by Sidney Mukono, a Zimbabwean in the Diaspora. The writer is reachable at sidneymukono@yahoo.co.uk