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Apr 25th
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Tares’ operation a big success: Betty Makoni

priscilla_and_betty_celebrate_tare_in_recovery_roomBelow is the unedited letter of good news to all wellwishers on the success of  Nomatter Taremedzwa Mapungwana's operation. The letter, written by Betty Makoni describes the procedures and thank all wellwishers for given Tare another chance of a life time. 

Dear friends

On behalf of Girl Child Network Worldwide and Girl Child Network Zimbabwe I would like to inform you that Professor Hutchison successfully and diligently removed two tumours from Tare .The operation took more than six hours and Tare suffered no facial cuts ,no excessive bleeding and no major problem .Everything went on according to plan and hats off to Prof H for a job well done !! This is one man Zimbabweans must plan to meet one day .He talks less and does a lot and in his own words ,`As long as my patient and her mum are smiling I am happy`, and then he hugged Tare mum and said a warm bye because he had to rush for a bath and family as well as his cup of coffee!!!

 My collegue Priscialla and I watched events unfold since Friday and on Saturday we followed Prof Hutchison`s car to the theatre and then we were allowed to take her just three quarters to the theatre. Tears fell down endlessly as we walked back to the ward just to sit where her bed was .We were anxious for 8 hours and during the day Rudo ,the woman who made a passionate plea to God on Friday joined us .Later in the day, an entertainer called  Simple Dread and Lady Gee the DJ ,showed up with news that entertainers had donated £1008,00 and every name was read out to us and each message said out clear and those were the best wishes Tare got from Zimbabwean DJs and musicians as doctors made final stitches in her mouth.

 tare_mum_looks_at_tareTwo cameramen supposedly making a documentary on Tare for UK mainstream television stations came out with news that all was well and everything would soon be over and the next time I called the cameramen it was Professor Hutchison who answered the phone and he said he was already with a cup of coffee while Tare was in the recovery room.We broke into song , Hoyo  mushandiri waMwari and Hutchison inumber one and most of you we sang for you over the phone .In short, the tumor has been subdued and conquered  and it must have been shocked to death  because I could not see even its traces on Tare by at least today 2pm ...Tare`s face is in shape now and of course many visiting the hospital will see her mouth still wide open and her face big and swollen and know you such a huge tumour left this temporary physical harm but soon such these  will follow the tumors and disappear as well  .

 Now as GCNW we plan to monitor the recovery period very closely and we have drawn up a rehabilitation plan and Prisciallah and Nyasha as well as Ruth seniors in GCN have been asked to review post operation plans in line with what the doctors will advise us .It means we will be very busy to support Tare emotionally so that she prepares to be the great young woman she has always been

Otherwise Tare and her mum will be in hospital until the 16th of October or even before . We have organised a private retreat after discharge from hospital .After that we hope to have Tare and her mum hosted by GCNW staff  here in England for what we call family and established counseling so as to be fully integrated into community  but all this depends on what doctors and other medical professionals  advise .

 GCNW will make sure all bills at the hospitals are paid in full and a full set of accounts is presented to Tare and her mum

 I hope to take Tare through an empowerment process and this is based on our Girl Child Empowerment Model where we facilitate,instil and provide the means so that Tare walks in the fullness of her potential as a doctor .This normally takes four weeks of coaching ,role modelling and a few leadership practicals .This is when Tare will start reaching out to some of you and ask you to join her on her Facebook .We will not at this stage preempt what Tare wants to do but when she is empowered she will announce what she wants to do

 Otherwise ,our team in Zimbabwe and UK and all over the world now await Tare`s full recovery and we hope very soon she will be on her facebook and phone to directly say thank you

 My friends without you we could not have achieved much and thank you all and keep your generosity

 As some of you heard I was selected top ten CNN Hero because of my work back in Zimbabwe for Girls empowerment and last week I whispered to a friend that I am too embarrassed to ask People to vote for me when Tare is victim to this tumor but now its done and soon mission will soon be accomplished the vote can go ahead  !!!!!!!

 This must be my last email to this group but wait as I will send you new look Tare after a week or so because after such a major operation one hopes everything shapes after sometime

 Otherwise you are great a people and thanks so much for reaching out to Tare

Prisciallah  Nyathi my work partner will be in touch with you very soon because we are hoping to have Tare`s party  and please email her for ideas



Betty Makoni



0 #11 Maidei 2009-10-13 07:52
0 #10 Concerned citizen 2009-10-12 14:09
Barbara, I'm sorry to say but you sound so fake.
0 #9 Garingizha 2009-10-12 08:40
THIS IS A FOLLOW UP ON MY POST ABOVE. READ THE POST ABOVE AND SEE THE EVIDENCE GIVEN MY CONCERNS. GIRL CHILD NETWORK I UNDERSTAND IS THE ONE WHO HAVE CHAMPIONED FOR THE HEALTH AND SUPPORT OF TARE. I SAY HATS OFF TO GCN AND BETTY MAKONI.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Barbara Nyagomo-Mambo October 12 at 12:19pm Reply
Dear all
Taremeredzwa is now recovering in hospital. It has been an very emotionally laden journey for most of us, but we rejoice that it has such a fantastic and happy ending. I saw Tare in hospital yesterday she is not in pain as she is on continuous infusion(drip) of a strong painkiller and intravenous fluids(drip) for hydration and nutrients was in progress.Her mum was with her she is full of hope and has so much faith that has kept her going.Although Tare is still swollen and bruised from surgery she was smilling and confidently looking to the future i thank you for your support,love,pr ayers and thoughts, without you all we would never have achieved this goal of getting Tare here to get medical treatment.
Taremeredzwa now has her future back and we feel it is time for us to turn our attention to other girls and boys around the world who also need us. Munashe and I have been involved in charity work since we were teenagers.I started off as a Brownie,Girl Guide and Girl Ranger and our pledge was "I PROMISE THAT I WILL DO MY BEST TO SERVE MY COUNTRY AND OTHER PEOPLE AND TO KEEP THE GUIDE LAW" and i have kept this pledge to date.At the moment Munashe a Public Servant/Charity worker/founder of Zimbabwe Teachers Network and I are working towards rescuing the future of so many Zimbabwean students as possible, As Zimbabwe is still like a war torn zone.
We feel the extraordinary stories of the students in Zimbabwe cannot be ignored and so we cordially invite you to the official launch of the Zimbabwe Teachers Network in Birmingham 31/10/09, an organisation set up to address these needs. http://www.facebook.com/munashe.moyogodo?v=app_2344061033&ref=profile#/event.php?eid=143868522987&index=1
We feel that this group, initially set up to help Taremeredzwa should continue to exist for the benefit of extraordinary boys and girls out there. We, however, fully acknowledge that its not just children in poor nations that need attention. Children in the developed nations also face challenges unique to their environment; we want to help them too. You are probably asking how that can be achieved. This group, we propose:
1. Should serve as a platform for discussions and constructive debate, ideas and possible solutions to problems pertaining to the health, education, discrimination, bullying, poverty, stress and other such problems our young ones face today. Sharing of stories, of successes and achievements should feature too.
2. Serve as an emergency response team, to cover cases like Taremeredzwa,As my Girl Guide Motto would say"BE PREPARED". Please note you will not be asked to donate any money because we feel that it is an individual’s decision to make, what we will ask for instead, is for you to tell the next person so that pleas of help can quickly reach the world.
3. Please propose a new name for the group if you can.
The love and support we received through the group, emails and messages kept us going when we worked on Taremeredzwa’s case for since 02/09/09. The work Munashe and I did on behalf on Taremeredzwa Appeal was purely onvoluntary basis. We recieved alot of hate,malicious mail during this time but your love and support kept us going.


You all stay blessed

Barbara Nyagomo-Mambo and Munashe Moyo-Godo
0 #8 Maidei 2009-10-12 07:00
Praise be to God.

in times of tribulation Zimbabweans always come together. We bury our differences. me, nswababa and Ryton all agree and feell the same human emotions.
0 #7 Nswabanda 2009-10-12 03:12
Zimbabweans are a very religious Nation. Nothing can divide us! We praise the Lord for this miracle. Its a sign of good things to come to this Nation!

Kuna VamuZvare aiwa tinoti Zvaitwa Shonga, Zvaitwa Nyati!

To all Zimbabweans who contributed, said prayers and were with this family in prayers and in thoughts, I salute you.

Finally to my dear friend Ryton, I agree with you brother, To God be the Glory! Amen
0 #6 Ryton Dzimiri 2009-10-12 02:56
To God be the Glory, great things he hath done!!!
0 #5 Garingizha 2009-10-11 17:42

On another note, i want to warn all those dealings with Tare's finances to keep a woman from Manchester called Nyagomo away from the finances. She runs a care agency in Manchester but she is not a straight forward person. Moreso she has been posting msges on facebook and instead of concerntrating on the problem at hand she was profiling herself and she wants to market herself using the unfortunate situation of Tare.

Be warned and be very warned
0 #4 Tsotsoloza wemfana 2009-10-11 16:32
I felt a great relief May God bless her and those who contributed towards this noble cause
0 #3 ralph 2009-10-11 15:26
thank God the great physician
0 #2 Myekeleni Manzini 2009-10-11 14:18
Thanks God and all who made this happen. I am proud of being a Zimbabwean and I am sure with this kind of a will we can do wonders for our country.

May your recovery be a smooth and speed one young girl.

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