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Aug 20th
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Grace Mugabe warned about own death

By thetelescopenew

 Grace Mugabe, wife of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, waves on arrival for the opening of the summit of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) in Johannesburg, August 16, 2008. REUTERS

Zimbabwe's former Ambassador to Germany, Hebson Makuvise, was also informed about the serious matter. President's Office could be hiding the tragic news from Mugabe and Grace.

COLOGNE- ZIMBABWE's First Lady, Grace Mugabe, has been warned of her own death, in a shock prophecy that has left the President's Office in limbo, The Telescope can exclusively reveal today.

The prophesy, was made in late 2013, by a Zimbabwean minister based in Germany, whose star appears on the rise, although he prefers annonymity. The minister, claims to be holding crucial secrets given him by "The Father of All Lights", with regards to horrendous end time catastrophies set to strike the world any time soon. The Telescope, also has it on good authority that, the minister (name witheld for now) contacted Zimbabwean diplomatic staff in Berlin to relay the message, to the Mugabe family as a matter of urgency. It was not apparent, at the turn of the new year, whether the Zimbabwean Embassy had made an effort to communicate with Grace, which is almost an impossible feat given the meandering security procedures around her.

Furthermore, emissaries of "The Man of God", telephoned the President's office at the end of November 2013, where they once again revealed the prophesy to officials working in the department, largely believed to be an extension of Harare's secret service, better known as the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO). If proved right, the prophesy will all but leave Zimbabwe dumbfounded, as many political foes of the first family have their eyes glued on the passing away of President Robert Mugabe instead, who turns 90 years next month.

The Mugabe's have already been plunged into mourning, following the death of, the ailing leader's only remaining sister, Bridget Mugabe on 19 Januray. Mugabe's sister passed away at Parirenyatwa Hospital in the capital, after a long illness. Bridget had initially collapsed at the burial of her elder sister, Sabina Mugabe's funeral ceremony at the Heroes Acre in August 2010. Bridget had been in hospital in a coma, for three years before her death.

"This is not a game anymore, or some kind of pranking," said the minister. "However people are people, and they first have to laugh at you or even insult you, only to make a u-turn after The Lord makes, the prophesy to be fulfilled. Why on earth can somebody, later on a church leader joke with death? I would be happy, for your readers to file this article, and refer to it as evidence that we are not guess workers, but rather instruments of The Lord,driven and inspired by The Holy Spirit. When the First Lady passes on, it's going to be very sad, and will have record mourners in the history of the Heroes Acre funeral ceremonies. This will also break down Robert Mugabe, and will eventually force him to quit the presidency, causing a final brutal power struggle inside Zanu PF. We know, who Mugabe's successor is, for The Spirit of The Lord, has already revealed it. Just to give you a clue, and also encourage you to be more prayerful, for The Lord to also talk to you, the person whom the newspapers in Harare have crowned is going to be crushed. They has already been a family tragedy, in this home, and those waiting to seize the moment will stop at nothing, even if it means taking that life too."


Mugabe's extravagant wife, has since 2011 been alleged to be ill, despite putting up a brave and healthy face in public. A confidante, close to the first family, claims Grace has been suffering, with an undisclosed ailment, for over 10 years, and has been receiving the best treatment available in secret from Singapore. Mugabe and Grace, gobbled up US$20 million in medical bills, and travel expenses to Singapore in 2011 alone. They visited the Asian country a record seven times, demanding at least US$3 million from Treasury for each trip, according to government officials.

Local media has self embargoed on reporting on sensative issues, such as the latest disclosures on Grace's health situation together with that of her husband, which are largely treated as classified state secrets. The disclosure, will certainly shock Zimbabweans across the political divide, as Mugabe's health, and not his wife, has hitherto, been of grave concern to his party and that his departure will likely throw Zanu PF into quandary.

"The First Lady is ill, but much focus has been centred on President Mugabe's own health woes," said the confidante, who is also a senior Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (ZAOGA) church official were the First Lady has close links with the founders, Mr and Mrs Ezekiel Guti.

"She has been asking for prayers, and attending several woman conferences organised by the church. It is now a case of spiritual healing, but since we are faith based we know nothing is impossible with God. Some are attempting to make efforts, in advising her to leave Mugabe because she is a divorcee, and you know that God hates divorce. I hope that, this story will talk to her because if the end is to meet her in this adulterous relationship, she will not make heaven."

Grace has denied in state papers, that she is sick. In 2011, alarm was raised when she was rushed to Singapore for unclear medical attention. Mugabe accompanied her on the trip in April, and the official line was that she had suffered a dislocated hip after slipping in the bathroom at the couple’s multi-million dollar Borrowdale mansion, in the capital. Mugabe's spokesman, George Charamba, has been evasive on the issue, and did not take calls this week. Inquiries with the President's office over the First Lady's health scare, were also unhelpful, with one staffer stating that it would take "at least a month or two for us to get back to you with answers".

Mugabe himself, according to a 2008 WikiLeaks cable, is suffereing from prostate cancer, which has spread to a number of organs and is now irreversible. The cable also reveals, that doctors fear he might also pass on soon. Mugabe told the nation in 2012 that he was, as fit as a fiddle, and jokingly said he had beat Christ, because: "I have died many times."

"People hate the old man (Mugabe), but don't be shocked that he might actually bury his wife first. Grace has been hiding her illness for sometime, but we in the church now know it. Also all of a sudden she has started intensifying philanthropic work, far from the shopping sprees and spendthrift lifestyle, which foreign media never misses to report on whenever they get the opportunity," said the confidante.

Ironically, Grace last year is reported, to have evicted 11 small scale miners and 50 peasant families who were occupying some 22 hectares of land, along the Mazowe river, to make way for the Mugabes business diversification and expansion in Mozowe. The Mazowe valley, known for its rich agricultural soils, critics say has now become a personal feifdom for Grace, as it is home to the first family's flagship farm, Gushungo Dairy Estate (formerly Foyle Farm)30 miles north of the capital Harare, which has become the country's private milk production monopoly. The area around the enormous farm, one of six highly productive farms seized from white commercial farmers in year 2000 and pocketed by Grace, has since been cordoned off as a high level security zone.

 The Mugabes are easily, the richest political family in Zimbabwe with business interests ranging from mining, agriculture, transport and telecommunications. Their net worth is unknown, but believed to be topping billions, due to their alleged personal control of the country's richest diamond fields in Marange, alongside other military elites.
Grace was previously married to Stanely Gorereza, a senior officer with the Air Force of Zimbabwe (AFZ). Gorereza was convenietly promoted to the post of "defence attache" at the Zimbabwean Embassy in China, to pave way for Mugabe's wedding in 1996.