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Aug 20th
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UK trip: Tsvangirai Vs Mwonzora-Khumalo

By Staff Reporter

CLUMSY political leadership within the MDC-T formation has manifested itself in the United Kingdom following revelations that Morgan Tsvangirai has accepted saboteuring efforts by his officials to fundraise for Bulawayo in Oxford by gracing a counter-fundraising ceremony elsewhere in the UK, exactly a week before the Oxford one,The ZimDiaspora can reveal.

It is believed that the controversial trip is being influenced by Tonderai Samanyanga and his group – all of whom are members of now defunct MDC-UK and Ireland province.

The Oxford branch has long twinned itself with the Bulawayo East constituency whose MP is Thabitha Khumalo and recently invited her along with party’s spokesman Douglas Mwonzora. The event, designed as a Bulawayo fundraising ceremony was expected to provide an opportunity for members to seek clarification on the future of the party after the dramatic loss to ZANU-PF in the July harmonised elections. Ironically, Tsvangirai approved the Mwonzora-Khumalo UK visit only to allow himself to be used by some screwed-up individuals in the UK.

A usually reliable senior source from Harvest House told The Zimdiaspora that although Khumalo and Mwonzora were still coming to the UK, Tsvangirai and Chamisa are expected to arrive a week before them for a different fundraising ceremony which was hastily organised to frustrate Oxford Bulawayo fundraising ceremony.

“What is strange is that Tsvangirai approved an application from Oxford branch requesting that Thabitha Khumalo and Douglas Mwonzora should pay a visit to them. However, as time drew nearer there were these nagging calls from Tonderai Samanyanga about the credibility of Oxford fundraising. They even attempted to stop Mwonzora and Thabitha from coming to the UK through Nelson Chamisa”.

When efforts to stop Mwonzora and Khumalo failed, they then embarked on a mission of a counter-fundraising, thus Chamisa, on behalf of Samanyanga and his group, managed to persuade Tsvangirai to visit the UK before the Oxford gig. Effectively, if Tsvangirai and Chamisa manage to jet into Britain a week before November 2, it means the Oxford Bulawayo fundraising is annihilated.

Our Harvest House source confirmed that Tsvangirai will be in Britain, accompanied by Chamisa on the 26th October. That way, all our sources believe that Tsvangirai’s unscheduled UK visit is an attempt to sabotage the Oxford fundraising by Khumalo and Mwonzora.

Our source said: “It is sad that Tsvangirai has allowed desperate people in the UK like Tonderai Samanyanga to influence him that way, throwing the party into disrepute. I can tell you that Tsvangirai and Chamisa are going to the UK not because they have business there, but to pre-empty Thabitha and Mwonzora visit”.

“It is now an issue of factional politics than real political business for Tsvangirai. The Oxford branch was within its rights to initiate an invitation of political leaders from here, Samanyanga and his group were supposed to support Oxford rather than compete in inviting leaders. It’s really silly and stupid,” he said.

“What makes it more stupid is that a man who is supposed to be President of Zimbabwe like Tsvangirai has allowed himself to be sucked into grassroots political squabbles. Those people took advantage of their factional links with Chamisa to access Tsvangirai. Tsvangirai always listen to Chamisa, whether he is right or wrong,” a Harvest House source who requested anonymity said.

“Going by the new constitution, UK and Ireland are no longer a province. Instead, they need to elect a co-ordinating committee. The constitution does not provide for the Samanyanga group to automatically transform into a co-ordinating committee,” the source added.

A snap survey reveals that supporters of the MDC-T were despondent and disappointed by lack of political leadership with the MDC-T. Supporters feel it is futile for Tsvangirai to suck himself into factional party politics, arguing that it demonstrate lack of political leadership. On one hand they insist that if indeed he comes to the UK, he should be prepared to explain the following burning issues:

  1. His abuse of women especially his refusal to assist securing a birth certificate for a child he sired with 24-year-old Loreta Nyathi of Bulawayo
  2. Take responsibility that his open zip policy was responsible for the loss of elections rather than blaming it on rigging
  3. His failure to make public the Sipepa-Nkomo Commission of Inquiry into the missing £57 000 in the coffers of the MDC-T UK and Ireland
  4. His failure to punish his ‘relatives’ who squandered £57 000.00 party money in the UK
  5. Nepotism: Tsvangirai’s appointment of his uncle Hebson Makuvise as ambassador despite being implicated in the missing UK £57 000
  6. They want Samanyanga to explain his public support of the previous executive which failed to account for £57 000

Efforts to get contact from Samanyanga were fruitless as he was not responding to numerous calls made by the Press.