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Aug 20th
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Baba Jukwa to release a music CD today

The faceless Facebook Gladiator, Baba Jukwa will today (Friday) intensify his fight against exposing President Robert Mugabe and his regime by releasing a three-track CD in Shona, Ndebele and English.

Titled 'Asijiki Zvamuchose' (we are not going back anymore), the CD bemoans continued assassinations allegedly perpetrated by the security forces. "I am fighting and exposing Zanu (PF)'s evil deeds from all angles," said Baba Jukwa in an e-mail.



"Our country is experiencing the highest numbers of evil activities. The entire leadership of the security forces is giving our fellow citizens terrible lives, but nothing is done and my music mainly talks of that. Through this CD I will fight on and all those who don't have access to Facebook will now have a chance to hear what Baba Jukwa is offering to them," he said.


Since the launch of his page three months ago, Baba Jukwa took the country by storm producing daily revelations of wrongdoing by the country's leaders.


His exposés range from alleged plans by Zanu (PF) to rig the next election, to naming officials who led the government crackdown known as Gukarahundi against the Ndebele people in the 1980s.


Baba Jukwa, who has not revealed his identity, has also published telephone numbers of politicians, members of the police force, intelligence agents and army officers he says are "murdering" civilians, and encouraged people to phone them. Often writing in colloquial Zimbabwean English, he is believed to be a senior member of Mugabe's Zanu (PF) party. Since starting on March 22, his page has gained 180,000 followers. zimbabwean