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Aug 20th
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Africa's resources are a curse

By Gift Moyo

For centuries Africans have exposed to some of the most horrific abuses of human rights by European and Arab invaders.

What attracted these invaders to motherland was her abundant natural wealth which the indigenous people of this continent treaded to all corners of the world.  Little did the ancient African people perceive that it would be through these precious stones, which they unveiled to the rest of the world, that death and destruction would be introduced to their communities in the years to follow! They were dispersed from their lands later to be hunted down like animals and captured to be worked and used as commodities and sent to foreign lands as bond men and woman to be owned by salve masters.


Gift Moyo

Out of all the continents on earth, Africa is by far uniquely richer in its tradition, culture, history and natural wealth in the sense that it is the only content that has a variety of all existing natural resource known to mankind buried under its ground. Ultimately it is a tourist destination due to its diverse wildlife, extraordinary landscape, ancient architecture etc.  With so much wealth, Africans should be the most affluent people of this world but, for some reason, we have branded ourselves as people of the third world due to our lack of economic and political vision and development.

Having suffered years of colonialism, one can only imagine how desperate Africans have always wanted to govern their own countries so as to improve the quality of life in their communities with the vast returns of natural resources especially after gaining independence.

Ironically, after years of self-governance having gained independency, today we still find ourselves in the same position of lack of basic freedoms, let alone access to wealth and democracy, as we were under white minority rule.  It’s all due to control of natural resources that we keep shifting from one colonial master to another, enslave by our own people this time, the so called freedom fighters!  To make matters worse, these so called liberators believe that only those endorsed as liberation fighters have a God given right to become life presidents in this supposedly newly liberated continent. This can be simply described as betrayal and a curse to the masses of African people who have been ostracised from wealth extraction by these rogue individuals.

These phallic characters and power grabbing African politicians have failed the African people. They have made us to become the richest poorest people of this world today due to their controlled demolition of our economies and infrastructure, thanks to their political and economic ignorance as they are certainly behind our demise.  What matters to them is our vote which propels them to parliamentary and presidential positions of power where once they are voted in, they simply inherit leadership for life with raw dictatorship. What follows after is looting, nepotism, human rights abuse of ordinary citizens accompanied by murder.  This has been the post-colonial pattern collapse of all African countries.

These villain leaders have turned Africa into a den of robbers, misusing natural resources by purchase personal properties and businesses in Europe and Asian markets and opening lucrative Swiss bank accounts. None of them possess political interest of genuinely subsidising local business, building infrastructure, roads and improving life of ordinary citizens. This corrupt system has created a wide gape of wealth between a handful of these individuals and the 99 per cent of citizens, consequently leaving them to starve to death. A perfect example is Mugabe’s Zanu PF who are convinced that they still deserve to be re-elected back to the state house in the coming elections after 3 decades of masquerading in public offices, enriching themselves and their families. They are not even embarrassed by their pillage and destruction done to Zimbabwe.  In this case, Mugabe and other iron fisted African dictators are an epitome that Africa’s natural resources don’t exist as a blessing but, a curse to the African people.

It’s high time we start the process of learning how to live together as African people by putting our tribal, religious and political differences aside to launch strict constructive and progressive ways of bringing African countries to the global markets.

Buying weapons from the western world to massacre each other should peter out as it has never benefited us, it only explains why there are more guns in Africa than there’s food to feed starving woman and children with Congo and Somalia being some good examples.  We need to expend our energy in strongly negotiating on creating a united Africa to remove the European created borders which act as a barer to the development of our filthy rich continent.

The good news is that there’s a glimpse of hope arising from the horizon as opportunities begin to present themselves to the African continent.  The economic down turn in the western world and the rise of the Chines Empire and other Asian countries automatically triggers a highly competitive demand of Africa’s raw materials. We must utilise this opportunity by striking sound business deals with these raw material hungry countries for our benefit with the rational of improving our lives and building Africa.  Common sense tells us that none renewables are irreplaceable once dug out and that their markets are unpredictable, therefore, we must invest the returns wisely for the future. To achieve this, a drastic transformation of leadership within African leaders is mandatory as they are behind the destruction of their own people and the whole continent.

Life looks bleak under the current status core as it is evident that Africa’s abundant natural resources have been a curse to the African people, however, this has been a temporary situation waiting to pass.  Therefore,  let’s put our differences aside and use this positive economic opportunity presenting itself today to rebuild our beautiful continent as a family with voice and one vision, keeping in mind that united we are victorious and but, divided we shall fall back to our miserable pit hole of our old lifestyle. This’s Africa’s time so we need to realise that we are the generation to take motherland back to her hey days as she was once world’s centre stage, therefore, let’s be creative as this will emancipate us from home grown imperialism which is currently controlling us.