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Jul 24th
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Makandiwa's follower warns of satanic pages on FACEBOOKt

21 year old UFIC member has allegedly claimed that 18 popular Zimbabwean pages and their Admins are practicing Satanism, a claim that has been dismissed not only by the page Admins but by thousands of Facebookers from all walks of life .


According to the article, the 21 year old male student at Harare Polytechnic, whose name has not been revealed yet, went into what followers of Makandiwa termed 'holy trance' during his visit to the Bindura UFIC congregation over the weekend.

The young boy reportedly mentioned that there are 18 Facebook pages that are part of a Satanic cult. He is said to have further claimed that even the owners of the pages are also Satanists. Among other pages mentioned included popular pages such as:

 * Kuzeya Nyaya Dzese na tete Rose na sekuru Joe. Dzerudo, dzebonde nehupenyu. (+143,800 fans)

* Mugrade Seven (+127,000 fans)

* My Zimbabwe (+99,000 fans)

* Masasi epafesibhuku (83,500 fans)

* Mbare university of the wise (+233,000 fans)

* Jokes in shona extreme (+159,000 fans)

* Kutandara na Tete MaNcube (+99,000 fans)

* Auntie Jenny's Lounge (+37,000 fans and is one of the first Zimbabwean pages on Facebook)

* Big Brother stargame (+45,000 fans)

and many other local pages.

The seemingly overzealous follower of controversial preacher, Makandiwa - who claims to possess prophetic powers - reportedly urged members UFIC

to unlike these pages, a desperate move meant to pull down popular pages while promoting "papa's pages".

 He also warned fellow congregants that they should recognise these "satanic" pages by their profile pictures and "persecuting" their Papa.

My Zimbabwe got in touch with several Page Admins whose Facebook pages were accused of being Satanic. They all dismissed the 'prophecy' and urged 'mwana wapapa' to try something better.

Admin for Masasi epaFesibhuku: "It's not like we make up false stories. We just publish what Makandiwa would have said. If Makandiwa says he wants to walk on water and we write that, would it make us Satanists?"

Admin for Aunty Jenny's Lounge: "Anopenga, vanorwara handiti. Iye kana ari waMwari ngaanamate ka zviite mushe. Im a Catholic and I have nothing to hide. Those guys are leaving people with a lot of unaswered questions over what they are doing. Their pages are not very popular because people are questioning a lot of things and they can't answer. If I were a satanist people wouldn't have nominated me for the people's choice Award. They (UFI) should focus on praying for people's problems and Zimbabwe as a country could do with a lot of prayer, we definitely need miracles in our country which could be of much help than them prophesising about my page. Chiprofita chekupi ichocho. Ngavaite mushe."

Admin for Kutandara naTete MaNcube: "You know I'm still deciding whether to discuss this ku page. But anyways handingambo shaiwa hope nokuti pane munhu aporofita kuti ndiri musatanist - worse off munhu wa papa mayaz! Does this boy have a name to start to off with"

 Admin for Mbare University of the Wise: "They know that these pages are their critics so it's just a matter of Cyber Politics. They just targeted pages that normally talk about their church. Hapana kana nezve prophecy apa."

 This reporter also reached the Senior Editor of My Zimbabwe and he had this to say:

 "Revelation 19 verse 10 says prophecy is the testimony of Jesus. If these guys are true prophets then we expect to see them prophesying about Jesus not about national ID numbers or physical addresses. Romans 16 verse 25 and 26 says each prophecy was supposed to be written down so that all nations would read about the prophecies. So where are these guys writing their prophecies? Lastly, Revelation 22 verse 18 and 19 says the book of prophecy is full, no one should add or subtract anything. So who is giving these guys their prophecies?" said My Zimbabwe's Senior Editor.

Efforts to get a comment from UFI church were futile. - My Zimbabwe