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Apr 20th
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Prophet Angel's miracle money on New Year night in Zimbabwe

Flamboyant preacher, Prophet Uebert Angel was at it again as the world crossed over into 2013.


He delivered MIRACLE MONEY to congregants at City Sports Centre in Harare where his Spirit Embassy church staged the Crossover Night, which attracted an estimated 25,000 people. According to his official profile, Prophet Angel's name has become synonymous with miracles, healing, signs, WONDERS and accurate prophecies.

"Today he is mentor of presidents, multimillionaires, government officials of many countries yet a friend to the widows, less privileged, a role model to generations yet HUMBLE and hardworking toiling tirelessly for the advancement of God's kingdom," reads part of his official profile.

During the Crossover Night, Prophet Angel delivered another miracle.

"Another miracle here Papa!"

Barely giving each other time to swallow breath three 'sons', pastors of Spirit Embassy interchangeably jostled for an opportunity to recede their own tangled up queue of 'MIRACLE MONEY' recipients. Despite having the whole evening, hundreds still were left craving the microphone just for an opportunity to give their own testimony of how MIRACLE MONEY had found its way into their pockets, wallets and handbags.

There has been pronounced criticism and skepticism of the authenticity of claims of 'miracle money' appearing from nowhere. News Media, Internet and some men of God have questioned this 'miracle'. The issue of 'miracle money' took centre stage following the Botswana Miracle night crusade.

At the Crossover Night, Angel pulled another shocker allegedly off the sleeves of God by declaring 'miracle money' with instant results. The auditorium filled up with congregants in the early hours of the morning and by midday people were now being housed in the overflow tents.

The event kick started with the launch of 'Power for Today Daily Devotional', a devotional in the mould of Pastor Chris' Rhapsody of Realities. There were music performances on the night and top of the hill were Shingisai Suluma, Mudiwa and Olinda Marowa. Just moments before the clock struck midnight, Prophet Angel stepped into the arena, to wild cheers and celebrations.

The designer dressed Angel and his wife, who is a prophetess, were dressed to match or better the best of Hollywood. After  making a very, very long prayer, the Prophet then swung into full throttle. People's names, names of DEAD relatives, their ailments and their professions were being said out, "prophesied", with ease.

A certain lady clutching a bottle full of soil was picked up from the strong crowd. She was shaking under the 'anointing' as she was called to the front. Prophet Angel took the bottle of soil and started making drawings on the floor with the soil, to the amazement of the crowd. Three rectangular shaped drawings joined together were made, and Angel then declared, "you are struggling to build a three bedroom House in Bulawayo. No one has assisted you in your struggles but I am here to decree that I and my wife will assist you in building this house."

Tears of joy could be seen streaming down the congregants faces both for the prophetic and the gesture to build the house. As if that was not enough, one AFM member received a scholarship of almost HALF A MILLION rand to study Medicine at Witz University in South Africa.

"Do not change churches, remain at AFM. It's a good church. I am doing it because God said it and not for you to join Spirit Embassy. Your spiritual father remains Madzivire," said Prophet Angel.

The early hours of the morning saw the man of God make a declaration, on what everybody had been talking about. MIRACLE MONEY was declared in people's pockets, handbags, wallets and bank accounts. Within moments, HUNDREDS of people were seen queuing to give their testimonies for the night.

Angel left the crowd yearning for more as he left the arena at 6am, on Tuesday morning. Asked to comment on the criticism and doubts over the credibility of the 'miracle money', Prophet Angel said: "I do not comment on those who oppose me, remember it is the duty of small people to talk about big people. There is a reason why Denzel Washington does not talk about Gringo," boasted the man of God.hmetro




0 #5 Lorraine 2013-06-27 23:32
i need an instant miracle for me and my ex boyfriend to get back together and spend July 4th and that weekend together. I also need instant miracle for his cousin and his cousin's fiance to want us back together. I am close to them. I need him to call me today and say that he made a mistake and wants us back together because he realizes I am a good woman and I am.
0 #4 Tobi adesida 2013-06-06 00:18
If its real i also need miracle money instantly
+3 #3 trev 2013-01-07 08:02
Tell us where the fish got it's money and we will tell you where this money appeared from. Tell us where the snake came from when Moses staff turned into a rod, where the bread and the fish he multiplied came from. Where the oil multiplied by Elijah came from... only after you do that will we be able to tell you where that money came from
+2 #2 trev 2013-01-07 08:00
First tell us where the snake from Moses rod came from, the fish Jesus multiplied and the bread he increased, the money Jesus made Peter to get from the fish....only then will your question become answerable. Even Jesus left people confused, in fact he at one time beat up a whole church. Doe that take over his office as God?
+1 #1 Dan Ngena 2013-01-05 10:25
Where does that money come from? I don't believe in this, no money can just appear in your bank account ... These 419 s are clever.. They always leave people confused....

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